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The St. Lawrence and fishing…quite the tale!

Fishing tales

The St. Lawrence and fishing…quite the tale!


  •  Homarus Eco-Centre

    If you’re touring New Brunswick, I strongly advise you to visit the Homarus Eco-Centre to learn absolutely everything about lobsters. In the mini-hatchery, you can see lobster larva and touch adult lobsters. I loved the seine net fishing activity, which taught me how to identify many species that live on the coast.

    Address:   Pointe-du-Chêne Wharf, Pointe-du-Chêne, New Brunswick

    Phone number:   506-878-9315

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  •  Musée de la Mer

    On the Magdalen Islands, people often use the expression “aux Îles, c’est pas pareil” or “on the Islands, it’s different”. Visiting the Musée de la Mer certainly shows why!

    I especially liked the exhibition Vivre aux Îles - Vivre les Îles, a fascinating journey through the history of the Islands’ inhabitants!

    Address:   1023 chemin de La Grave, Havre-Aubert, Québec

    Phone number:   418-937-5711

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  •  Musée de la Gaspésie

    The Gaspésie region played a key role in Québec’s colonization. Stopping in at this museum enabled me to discover the rich history of this peninsula and its inhabitants.

    I also visited the Centre d'archives de la Gaspésie and found some very interesting historical photos.

    Address:   80 boulevard de Gaspé, Gaspé, Québec

    Phone number:   418-368-1534

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  •  Les Galets

    On arriving at this peninsula at Natashquan, we are immersed in the history of fishing in Gulf of St. Lawrence waters.

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  •  Old Harry

    This breathtaking site is on Grosse-Île, northeast of the Magdalen Islands.

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  •  Paspébiac

    This village is home to the Banc-de-Pêche-de-Paspébiac historic site, where a series of period warehouses bears witness to the history of fishing in Gaspésie.

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  •  Shediac port

    This port in southeastern New Brunswick is bustling with lobster fishing and related activities.

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  •  La Tabatière

    A small fishing village, La Tabatière is near the Québec– Newfoundland/Labrador border.

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  •  Harrington Harbour

    This delightful fishing village is situated on Île Harrington, one of the Côte-Nord region’s many islands.

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  •  Îles-de-Boucherville

    In this park, just minutes from Montréal, the channels are teeming with life.

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  •  La Grave

    At Havre-Aubert, on the Magdalen Islands, is this historical expanse of stones and pebbles.

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  •  Baie des Ha ! Ha ! icebound

    Located in the Saguenay Fjord, this bay is a Mecca for winter fishing.

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  •  Cap-Bon-Ami

    Symbolizing the battle between land and sea, the Forillon cliffs rise in the distance.

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Fishing tales

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The St. Lawrence and fishing…quite the tale!


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